YUNGJ (Josh Hodder) is a hip hop performer hailing from Mount Pearl, Newfoundland, Canada. A fairly new presence in the local community,
YUNGJ has a rapid paced work ethic and makes music with influences from any genre of music imaginable. No two songs are going to sound alike.

YUNGJ was a very gifted writer in his early years, writing short stories and poetry in school that was praised by his teachers and peers alike. His love for hip hop began in the third grade when he was introduced to MF DOOM’s Operation Doomsday album. He was drawn in by the wordplay and use of internal rhyme schemes, which were already natural to him.

YUNGJ first took notice of the Newfoundland hip hop scene by discovering videos from Mike Moyst and Dopepiece in his first year of high school.
Around that same time, he started releasing music of his own with Grill-E under the name Yung Jhodz. His early style consisted of crafted wordplay over boom bap style beats. This all changed in his last year of high school when himself, Bakwood and a few of his friends would create Drill Gang, a group that gained popularity and caused controversy across the island for their use of
intentionally fake guns in their music video, Drillin’.

Since then, YUNGJ has went on to create a career of his own, working tirelessly to make a name for himself in the local community and abroad. He went on to work with some of the local legends that inspired him to begin with, along with putting his friends on in songs featuring them. His songs range from bouncy, atmospheric trap gems and emotionally driven singing/lyricism, to screamo and rock inspired aggressive joints.

Today, YUNGJ can be seen playing various hip hop shows in St John’s, as well as driving around the streets of Newfoundland. His first major album "IT GETS BETTER!" shows the range of his vocals in a project that feels more like pop punk inspired by rap vs the opposite. 

The album, along with his first streaming service release "PRETTYBOY!", are available anywhere that you can stream music. With a constantly expanding catalogue and endless inspirational points across genres, there’s no telling where YUNGJ will take his musical journey next.

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