Sasha Paray(SashThaLady) was born in Montreal but raised in Newfoundland. Sasha starting writing music when She was 11-12 years old but didn’t start recording music until she finished high school!

 Since then, she has worked with artists and producers such as Mak11, GPIE, LMOX, KP28, DatLankyMan, Hippy Junior as well as BKG Studios. She has performed at events hosted by HipHopShopNL in St. John’s, NL and is anticipated to be on many more in the near future!

For Sasha, making music provided her a sense of comfort and relief, knowing she was doing something she loves!

She finds creating music is a coping mechanism that helps motivate her and allows her to express herself fully, getting through the day to day conflicts of life. As she is one of very few, if not the only female artist involved in the Newfoundland Hip Hop community, she is very much encouraged to continue pursuing her passion for music and arts, as she has the entire community’s support!

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