Rocka G

Ryan Frost (Rocka G) was born and raised in Michael’s Harbor, Newfoundland. Coming from a small town of only 30-40 people, there was very little to do to as a kid growing up. Rocka was only 9 years old when he discovered hip hop and instantly fell in love. He began to study it thoroughly and eventually began writing his own rap songs. Teaching himself how to write, structure songs, record, mix and master hip hop is more than a hobby, it has become a life long passion. Rocka takes pride in his lyricism and focuses on the lyrical side of hip hop music more then anything else. To this day he continues to practice and hone his skills on the microphone and vows to continue to do so until it is no longer possible. Rocka is a member of 3H (Hip Hop Heads) and Progressive ENT.

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