Newfoundland based artist 'Ragz', Known for his aggressive, In your face style, has made waves all throughout the island.
 Starting at the young age of 13, Ragz has worked his way through the sea of musical talent on his home island to shine and prove he's more then just an artist, He was born for this and will prevail under any circumstance.

His music career began in mid 2017 when he picked up a pen to write lyrics for the first time.  It immediately changed his whole mindset. Sence then, he’s been improving non-stop and coming up day by day. Quite quickly he went from a beginner, to having a track with one of NL’s hardest working artists - Mak11.

Nothing but success for the future of Ragz. Stay tuned Follow Ragz’s Instagram here: https://www.instagram.com/ragzhiphop/

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