Newfoundland Native - Nathaniel Douglas Earles (Lil Newf) is a hiphop artist from Newfoundland. At the age of 14, he wrote and released his first track on YouTube and SoundCloud titled "She Won't Leave Me Alone"(June, 2018). This track has gained approximately 1k views since its release and was followed by another single titled "Curfew" which was dropped on Spotify in mid 2019. Lil Newf continued to release music including his album titled “Home”, which reached 5 different countries and featured local artists such as Ragz. He received shout outs from artists Including DAX, Jyay, Kielley Koyote, MAK11 and plans to work with WhosBlare, N8 Douce and more!  Lil Newf has a great passion to achieve his goals and live his dreams. Music is where it starts.