JWaves (Jacob Pardy) is an upcoming Hip Hop artist from Baie Vert, Newfoundland, Canada. He began writing music when he was 12 years old displaying a natural lyrical ability and a passion for music. Being the only one in his school who spit rhymes, JWaves was encouraged by this unique ability and continued to peruse it with hopes he could fall into a permanent position in the industry.  

In 2019 he began recording his first projects with Hippy Junior and Redink. This lead to his first performance with HipHopShopNL Presents “It’s Giving Season” venue on December 18th! 

JWaves has a list of music released on all streaming platforms and has multiple videos on YouTube, Filmed by YSM Woody! 

Jwaves and Hippy Junior will be dropping a tape titled “BeYourself” on December 10th, with 10 tracks in total! 

He has also just been accepted for a grant on behalf of ArtsNL and is now working on a new project for the spring titled “Tsunami”- Featuring Mak11 & Hippy Junior. 

check out his link below!