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Hippy Junior Is quickly becoming a well known name in the Hip-Hop community within St. John's, Newfoundland. Hippy has been apart of the Newfoundland Hip-Hop community since 2009-2010 and is well known by his community and peers as someone who enjoys helping his community in many ways. 

For features and or bookings - Contact 709-351-2570 or info@hiphopshopnl.com.

Hippy has worked with Mak11, KP28, Jerry Browne, Lil Dirtbag, RedInk, Lee Fitz, Maze(Ruck Reid), Jim Piranha, Double AA, TeeRex, Lil Jerm, JWaves, GPie, Yung Lung, Taylor Tigress, BTheSavage, Nurse, TeeRex, Cazlo, Jim Piranha, LMOX Beats, Zoowe Beats, Rawbone Beats, Lezter, Paven Melody and many more.

Hippy's introduction to the HipHop community was a project including a full cased CD titled "JR – Never Forget Newfoundland", which was released and distributed locally between 2009-2011 and had a total of 14 tracks. Some of his most recent music features Mak11 on a tape titled Carepackage Vol.1 which dropped in April of 2021(Spotify – Care Package, Vol. 1), and also a project titled Peace, Love & Violence which dropped September 10th. This tape has 10 tracks in total and features Jwaves and Mak11.

He has also released CarePackage Vol. 2 with Mak 11 on November 19th, 2021 and plans to release “BeYourself” - a Tape with Jwaves, on December 10th, and a debut album in March of 2022 titled “ALPHA”. 

Hippy Junior's Achievements for 2021 
- Approved member of ArtsNL 

- Member of MusicNL 
- Approved ASP Grant 

- Approved ArtsNL Grant (ALPHA) 

- Manager of OQP Records (11 artist Label)

- Received nomination for "Volunteer Of The Year" on behalf of MusicNL 2 years in a row. 

- Received nomination for “Hip Hop Artist of the year” 2021 - MusicNL 

- Featured on VOCM three times

 -(2) VOCM Water Street Free Food Pantry - YouTube
 -Hip Hop Shop Owner Helping Those in Need with Community Pantry | VOCM
 -HipHopShopNL Providing Essential Products to Vulnerable Populations | VOCM 

- Featured on NTV Three times
 -(2) Free Food Pantry - YouTube
 -(2) Free Food Pantry - YouTube
 -(2) Hip Hop Helping Newfoundland - YouTube
- Featured on CBC twice 
 -(2) CBC Morning News - HipHopShopNL - YouTube
 -Rhyming for a reason: Meet the hip hop artists fighting food insecurity | CBC News

- Featured on Kicker Magazine
 -Hip-hop lives on the Rock - Kicker Local Hip-Hop - James Piercey - Kicker (kickercna.ca)

- Featured on Glartent.com 
 -HipHopshopnl, St. John’s, St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador, NL (2021) (glartent.com)

- Host of over 20 live events organized by HipHopShop NL Inc. 

- NTV feature for HipHopShopNL with KP28 (November 2021h)

Hippy Junior

St. John's NL, CA


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