Hippy Junior

Hippy Junior(Joshua Roberts), previously known as "JR”, Is a HipHop/Rap artist from St. John's, NL. Hippy has been in the Newfoundland HipHop scene since 2009-2010 and is well known by his work with his community.

Hippy worked with artists such is Mak11, KP28, Jerry Browne, Lil Dirtbag, RedInk, Lee Fitz, Maze(Ruck Reid), SyahThaGod, SashaThaLady, Lil Jerm, JWaves, YungJ, MadJax, DatLankyMan, DJ Dy5lexc, Kid Dracula, GPie, LMOX Beats, Zoowe Beats, Rawbone Beats, H-Beats, Tennes Player, Eem Triplin and many more. 

He spends most of his time volunteering which lead to him receiving a nomination for volunteer of the year from MusicNL(2020-2021) and the opportunity for HipHopShopNL to sponsor the Hip-Hop/Rap artist of the year, Apart of MusicNL Music Awards!

Hippy's introduction to the HipHop community was a project including a full cased CD titled "JR – Never Forget Newfoundland", which was released and distributed locally between 2009-2011 and had a total of 14 tracks. His other projects have included titles such as; “FreshOuttaTrouble Pt2”, "You're Not Gonna Like Me For This pt1”, “You're Not Gonna Like Me For This pt 2”, “The Beginning”, along with over 75 songs written since his first completed track. Most of Hippy’s music is kept secure with only limited copies released. 

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Josh Menchions X Josh Roberts(Hippy Junior) - https://youtu.be/HOr17CRDtk4