GPie (Nick Gillespie) is an upcoming artist from Paradise, Newfoundland, Canada! GPie began making music in 2017 after a group of his friends encouraged him to record his freestyles shared with the group, which was a regular activity! With inspiration from Mac Miller, Xxxtentacion, Yo Gotti and JuiceWrld, GPie made his name. 

He went on to release “Heart break isn’t so nice EP” and “Distortion world” - a 9 track album as well as his most recent project “Birthday Pie” - a 4 track Ep. 

GPie has worked with producers such as LMOX, Lil Dirtbag, Datlankyman and BKG Stufio as well as with The Wookie Gang, Mak11, N8 Douce, Filthy Murphy, VaterPromotions, Ragz, Wiggy and Hippy Junior!

Check out his links below!