DJ Dy5lexc


Josh Roberts (DJ Dy5lexc) Is 23 years old and holds the title for “Best HipHop DJ of 2019-2020” according to HipHopShop NL Inc.

He became a DJ about 5 years ago although he has had an interest in music since a child! When he first began, he was mainly attracted towards EDM! Soon after, He was asked to do a hip hop show with Frank Castle and JYay. This is when it all started! 

Dy5lexc has worked on some incredible shows. Getting to go on local tours across the island more than once and DJing at Salmon Festival with KelleyKoyote was an unforgettable. Experience of many!

He’s had the pleasure of Djing for most Hip-hop artists in Newfoundland. Getting to play across the island in all sorts of venues has opened his eyes to the talent this province has and how much potential there really is here.

He’s also gone on to DJ for some amazing local artists and some from out of province such as; MadChild, Mr.Jones, Nasty, N8Douce, Mak11, Decay, Hippy Junior(HipHopShop NL Inc.) and many others.

Dy5lexc expresses how each and every time he steps into the studio or on stage, he experiences something new from his community of artist’s, This never 

“The people inspire me a lot, I love the energy of everyone feeding off each other and working together. I love being apart of watching people grow. Everyone coming together to live out our dreams”.


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