DatLankyMan (Matthew Small) is an artist and producer from Newfoundland, Canada! He began writing in the first years of high school and in his last year, he began recording his vocals over instrumentals. His friends were a significant support and source of encouragement for him to gain confidence in himself and develop his craft! 

From then until now, To Datlankyman, Nothing is more inspiring than the electric vibe of a studio when he’s cooking up a song that comes out exactly how he imagined!

Since the age of 15 (In grade 10), he produced all his own music and has worked with artists such as Hippy Junior, DJ Dyslexic, Kid Dracula, Gpie, Mak11, LMOX, Madjax, YungJ, Albert Dalton, Ak Debris, Syah Tha God, N8 Douce, Jim Piranha, Zuba400kg, Paare PJ, Billboo, N.C., Bvchthebvstvrd, Hbeats, Kid Vibe, Giz The Wiz, SashThaLady, Khaos Kelly and Andrew Wiseman

He has released a 10 track album (Self Made, 2019), a 4 track EP (A Conversation With Myself Pt. 1) and a bunch of singles and features with SyahThaGod, Mak11, Zuba4000kg and Parre PJ. 

Datlankyman has performed at venues and events such as HipHopShopNL Presents: Halloween 2020, HipHopShopNL Presents: Peace Love and HipHop and HipHopShopNL Presents: It’s Giving Season!. 

check out his links below!