Cameron Kilfoy

Cameron Kilfoy is an artist from Mount Pearl, Newfoundland, Canada. He started rapping in 9th grade(2013) when he was 14 years old. It started out as just having fun, he tried to put together  a few tracks and then showed it to two of his closet friends. They encouraged him to consider looking at his skill differently and perusing it more.

He released his first project in 2015, when He was 15 under an alias Killo Cam. This project was titled “Untitled released through bandcamp”. After that he began to grow more fond of writing and he found his style and who he was changed. He eventually eventually changed his name to “CZA” because of the heavey wu tang influence. He found the meanings of RZA & GZA’s names and put his own spin on it. He went by CZA tha God for a while as well in reference to Julius Ceasr but as he grew older, he dropped “Tha God”. He just doesn’t see himself in that complex any longer.

He released his first project as CZA in 2015 titled “Live from the Basement” then to a short break.

In 2018 he started working on music again and created a local collective called “WookieGang”. This group consisted of Miyagi, Bakwood, Andy P, Grill-E, Deli, Danny Tee & Smokenice. CZA has collaborated with them on numerous occasions and has also collaborated with Reggie Morales, an inspiration to CZA, as well as Dice Mobb, Gpie’s Crew, Nofty, Mak11 & Al Dalton.

Cameron Kilroy (CZA), has dropped these projects in order; “CZASZN” - EP, “Sincerely, CZA”, “SUMMERS ALMOST EVER”, “Modern Day Tripper” - EP and his forthcoming project under the alias CZA, “BURNOUT”.

He is also apart of “Smoke Buddies” w/ WookieganG and “OUT OF SIGHT” w/ Danny Tee as DannyCZA, As well as an EP under an alias Lanky Shiv called “Lanky Shiv Presents: D.E.A.T.H.”.

He eventually went back and listened to each era, taking his favourite picks and choose the New York style of writing and song making as his favourite! He was also inspired by Tyler the Creator, Earl and Mac Miller. To him, they demonstrated how creative he could be, and that a skate park kid could really talk about the topics he believes in on a track. That’s what brought him to buying his own mic. He has been apart of many live events such as; an event at Distortion, Wookiefest, Wookiee Rock The House, House Party, Rock House venues as well as Levels and The Neal Building.

He has currently completed the journalism program at CNA and is continuing his position in the HipHop community with updates to come soon!

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