About Us

HipHopShopNL Inc. is a non for profit organization located in St. John's, Newfoundland. Our mandate is to provide support, resources and services to the Hip Hop community of Newfoundland. This Includes but is not limited to music. We currently offer many services to our community such as; live events, music production, video production, distribution, merch, housing information, food sharing resources, education opportunities offered by other programs, sponsorships and a safe environment to express ourselves. 

The idea for HipHopShopNL came from a determined artist named Hippy Junior who seen an ability to bridge the gab within the old and the new hiphop scene!

For a while up until Hippy began hosting events, the only platform available for HipHop in NL was a "Pay to play". This is why when Hippy created HipHopShopNL, His goal was to ensure no artist would ever* pay to play their music during our events. In fact, the opposite is generally the Idea! 

In May of 2020 Hippy decided to sit to a table and take this idea to the next level. Carefully selecting and creating a board of directors with previous business experience, a mission to help the community and enough determination to make anything happen. After spending months revising, Hippy relaunched as HipHopShopNL in June of 2020!  

HipHopShopNL has successfully hosted 7 shows in 2020 with sponsorship from Maryjanes Smokeshop, Sobeys NL, Og Growers, Music NL, Progressive Ent and HipHopNL. We have also designed and created clothing for 12+ artists and businesses in NL! 

We are a community, If one of us makes it - we all make it. This is a different approach. Contact us if you would like to be involved! - Sponsorships/Charitable Donations/Services Welcomed! 


Looking for the current volunteer positions: 

Graphic Designer positions 

Advertising positions(marketing/promoting) 

Fundraiser positions 

Send your resume to hiphopshop@hotmail.com and call 7093512570 to speak with Joshua.